Our services 

Massage - For your entire body or the areas that need it most, the miracle of massage is that it can be both relaxing and energizing. Massage elieves muscle tension and stress, eases flow of toxins away from the tisues, brings nutrients to the tissues, and so helps restore your body's natural self-healing processes.

Muscular Therapy - A treatment for more specific problems, such as strains, stiffness, soreness, or muscular imbalances. Includes trigger-point work, stretching, and myofascial release to help break chronic patterns that cause pain and limit function.

Sports Medicine - People active in sports and performance activities need the best from their bodies. Our staff includes doctors and therapists who specialize in the treatment and prevention of sports, performance, and repetitive stress injuries. They prescribe exercises and provide training aids to help you heal and stay healthy.

Treatment of Injuries - Acute injuries heal best when carefully tended with appropriate treatment. After the ER sends you home with flexeril and ibuprofen, our techniques can provide real relief and healing, without side-effects--and we will support and guide you all the way through the healing process.

Elememts of Craniosacral Therapy - A very gentle technique with profound results, cranial work addresses the sutures of the cranium and the meninges which line and protect the brain and spinal nerves. Release of tension in and restoration of proper tone to these most central tissues of the nervous system works to relieve headaches, fatigue, and many other somatic and organic problems.

Reiki - A complementary treatment to the other modalities offered, Reiki is an energy technique that promotes the body’s natural ability to heal. Treatments involve hand placements along the body’s energy centers while clients are lying down and fully clothed. Specific attention is given to areas where stress is stored in the body and areas of injury or pain.

Hypnosis - Hypnotists help clients tap the power of their subconscious mind to overcome challenges. Because the subconscious mind becomes open and suggestible during this state of relaxed and focused concentration, we are able to help the mind discard longstanding but unproductive thought patterns and bring in new, more productive thoughts and behaviors in their place. You can use hypnosis to: Lose weight; Reduce stress; Quit smoking; Sleep better; Overcome fears, like public speaking or flying; Prepare for surgery; Increase self-confidence; Improve memory; Break habits, like nail-biting; Increase concentration; Improve athletic performance.

Stress Reduction - A common thread of our many healing approaches. Healthcare need not be cold and clinical. We have a relaxed, at-home atmosphere and we know and care for each of our clients as a unique individual.