Cranial Therapy by Dr. Simon 

Dear Hands-On Health Clients:

I first studied cranial work with SORSI (Sacro-Occipital Research Society International) beginning in 1988 and have incorporated it in my chiropractic practice for more than 20 years. As my experience with cranial therapy has deepened over this time, I have come more and more to appreciate its potency in healing.

The power of cranial work stems from the dual role that the cranium, with its deceptively delicate structures, plays in the human body.

On the one hand our 9-to-12 pound heads serve as a major component of the balance and locomotion system when the body is upright--seated, standing, walking, sporting. This leads to strong and often unbalanced forces being applied to and directed through the head via the powerful "guy wires" of the neck, shoulder and back muscles and via the myofascial membrane that is continuous throughout the body.

On the other hand, very delicate balances of force within the head are necessary for proper circulation of blood, lymph, and cerebrospinal fluid throughout the brain, sense organs, and entire central nervous system. For the cranium, though it may seem something of a hard-shell "block of wood," is anything but.  It is also a subtle, dynamic pump in which there is often a collision between the strong postural/mechanical forces and the delicate forces that govern flow--with the strong forces generally winning out. 

So if you have sat long hours at a desk or in the car, or gotten through a spinning or zoomba class with less than impeccable biomechanics, or experienced any of the myriad fight-or-flight-inducing chronic and acute stresses to which we are subject in modern life, the delicate balance of cranial dynamics is likely to have been overwhelmed by the kind of tightening and binding forces that, even when relatively harmless elsewhere in the body, are enough to block critical cranial rhythms.

The result can be, of course, headaches and migraines; but also a wide variety of other musculoskeletal and organic (gastric, respiratory, reproductive, skin and hair, etc.) interferences and symptoms, all of which respond to cranial therapy.

Healthy breathing, digestion, circulation, waste transport, hormonal distribution, and overall movement all depend on free flow and relief of binding energy and tension. The response to cranial work is so strong in large part because the lines of connection or "strings" that extend to all other parts of the body come to a head (pun intended) in the cranium, which thus serves as a central and focused point of access to virtually all of the body's processes. 

During and after a cranial session you can expect to feel profound relaxation of tension and holding patterns, opening of breathing, deeper Earth-connection or weight-bearing, a growing sensation of living in your center, and frequently also the emotional correlates of these physical easings. I also have found that many recipients of cranial therapy develop powerful self-relaxation capacities and this empowerment of self-healing is one of the most gratifying aspects of the work. 

I would be pleased to discuss any aspect of cranial work and my approach to it. Please feel free to call me directly at 617-538-6012, email any questions to, or use the Midline Bodywork website to set up an appointment.

Yours in health,   

Dr. Jonathan Simon